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Here's a summary of the process involved in getting myself together in the morning: breakfast, showered and dressed

Wake up because I realize I need the bathroom
Start to move and realize the foot hurts
Sit on edge of bed and get crutches
Totter off to the bathroom
On the way discover that the yoga ball rolled out of place, whack with crutch so it's out of the way trying to not fall
Lean crutches on bathroom wall
Try to deal with being female and in pajamas while balancing on one foot
Do bathroom maneuvers
Stand up using edge of sink for balance
lean hips on sink to wash hands and brush teeth while on 1 foot
glare at mirror but think 'I'm going to shower later, washing my face can wait' because tile is hard with all my weight on one foot
get crutches
totter back to the bedroom
sit down on bed and put foot up as it's throbby
get tylenol off nightstand
discover water bottle is almost empty
decide I can take them with a half sip of water
think that I should take other pills too
mentally regroup
get crutches
totter off to kitchen with water bottle held by loop
stand in 'the magic spot' (lets me reach near edge of table, dishes, sink, and silverware)
lean crutches on counter
get cereal, bowl and spoon
twist and set on table in 2 stages
scoot chair to good spot
sit down (ahhh)
open refrigerator using towel on door to extend reach
discover the chair wasn't in the best spot
stretch and get milk out while trying to not fall off side of chair
eat breakfast
repeat stretch to get milk back
stand in 'magic spot'
do twisting to get bowl into sink and cereal into cabinet
fill water bottle
reach for crutches, knocking one to floor
sit back onto chair
use tip of crutch to pull the fallen one to where I can pick it up without fear of falling on my head
get crutch
stand up and get water bottle
head back to the bedroom
sit on bed
lean crutches on edge of bed
take pills
get undressed
toss pajamas near hamper
scoot to other end of bed
open dresser while standing on one foot with other knee still on bed
get clothes out
sit on bed again
get towel from shelf near bed
drape towel around neck
get crutches
be glad nobody is watching
head to kitchen for trash bag
get bag from under sink
head to bathroom
lean crutches on wall
place towel on sink so it can be reached from tub
sit on closed toilet to seal foot into trash bag
get annoyed when paper tape decides to tear the wrong way
finally get foot wrapped
use sink to stand
sit on edge of tub
pivot shower seat into tub
shift to shower seat
place foot on tub edge
tuck shower curtain around it
discover that handheld shower is back on hook
stand up using edge of shelf
drop showerhead into bottom of tub
sit back down
turn on water
retuck shower curtain
start to try to get clean
discover face wash is outside of curtain on tub edge
try to get it, knock it to floor, decide it's too much effort, use soap instead
be very glad that there is a shower chair
hook showerhead over shoulder while I wash hair
rinse hair
decide conditioner is too much work
turn off water using good foot
leave showerhead at bottom of tub
move curtain to get towel
remember at the last moment it doesn't slide all the way because of the joint in shower rod
be glad I didn't bring it crashing down this time
dry off mostly
move to sitting on edge of tub
use sink to stand
lean on sink while moving
sit on toilet lid
unwrap foot
be proud that it didn't leak
brush hair
drape towel around neck
get crutches
head back to bedroom
lean crutches on edge of bed
flop onto bed
shimmy until I can reach the dresser
shove pants in drawer and grab others
put on clothes
leave towel on bed
get left shoe on
get crutches and migrate out to couch
check time (only 2.5 hours to get to this point)
try to figure out if I have enough energy to do anything productive

Date: 2008-12-06 09:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Man, that sounds even worse than when I had my broken arm. :(

Date: 2008-12-09 06:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*hugs* I understand.

A couple helpful tips:
*Be organized. It's really worth it to stop & think whether you have everything you need before you stand up. Saves lots of energy & frustration.

*Accept help, and plan things around when you have help. I.e., send _him_ to grab refill your water. Or to bring your clothes into the bathroom. Or let him clean up after you later on.

*Bonus tip: resting my knee on a chair to scoot around the kitchen freed me up to move around & get my meals more easily. Set your stuff on the chair, stand on your good foot, move the chair forward, lean on it, move your good foot, repeat.

I had a good visit from my orthopod yesterday: I can walk in normal shoes now,and start driving again! So it was really exciting to me to be _standing_ in the shower this morning. Not stepping, mind you, just standing, and with the shower stool there behind me for when I got tired. So, yay!

...And more *hugs* to you. Behave, be patient, and things will improve. And we should come visit you.


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